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Friday, July 13, 2007

2139 - after a short alap, 16 beats

N. sull' asindeti nell' intense frasi d' indenne estasi perfino nei sabba a neuro balbe in banda secca all' interno di ninfei viscidi condivisi dell' anosia dei gaggi roscidi dov' anche l' afidi dai dardi frenici oramai a cocci irreversibilmente sbeccano //

13.07.2007 11:03

"Madhuvanti is a Raga associated with the sultriness [..]. Its basic scale is B C Eb F# G B C ascending, and C B A G F# Eb D C descending, with C as tonic. After a short alap, Ravi Shankar improvises around two main gat melodies in slow, medium and fast Tintal, a tala cycle of 16 beats". Robert E. Brown. In: Ravi Shankar. "In Concert" The Ravi Shankar Collection. Recorded in concert at Royce Hall (UCLA) on November 19th, 1961.


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