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Monday, October 30, 2006

2080 - a transitional stage

N. sull' aleatoria saga del post- umano post- haitiano //

smagliante nei strapunti intinti d' antischiuma //

salmeggiante hamiltoniano turnista dall' abile tocco //

ch' intreccia sartiame dall' ansati intonchiati residuali
dell' agutoli //

gia' a suo tempo compiutamente banchinati dall' inghiottimenti 'n capitoli //

d' innestante salatura //

13.25 30/10/2006

"Archaeopteryx could fly - but not very well. Human beings today can penetrate outside Earth's airy envelope - but not very well. Our minds can penetrate into realms of thought far beyond the domain they were evolved to inhabit - but not very well. It seems clear that the present form of humanity is, like archaeopteryx, a transitional stage". In: Frank Wilczek. "Archaeopteryx Looks Up". NYAS Update. September / October 2006; 10.


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