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Friday, January 13, 2006

1940 - melisma di grafo d' acchiuso

N. in sacca de' melmosi dai fregoli pseudoFrugnoli //

sgommati freschi [?] d' acaule a melisma di grafo d' acchiuso //

inconsapevoli //

pseudoReplicanti di metaGlomi a protonate maracas subsferiche //

coll' h- macule dall' inconfinabili lumache sismo- protoSismografiche //

17.05 13/01/2006

"[..] motions of 'Floppy' Protonated Methane". In:

"Of particular interest is an intense feature [..] which is due to an isomerization mode that connects two equivalent minima".
In: Huang X. et al. "Quantum deconstruction of the infrared spectrum of CH5+". Science. 2006 Jan 6;311(5757):60-3.


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