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Friday, September 23, 2005

1884 - a sort of Parrondo

N. circa l' ipotetico aciclico inoculo nell' acidula struttura
d' archeo- fortran poroso //
a porro di neur' adipe gia' a suo tempo sf(r)ondato //
dalle frange d' arto d' app'unto in ferino sadico nume d' ospodaro //

13.14 23/09/2005

'Parrondo's paradox shows that you can win at two losing games by switching between them. The result has surprising implications for the origins of life'.
In: Erica Klarreich. 'Playing both sides'. The Sciences - N.Y.A.S. - Members' Ed. 2001; Jan/Feb; 25-9.

"[..] effecting a sort of Parrondo paradox wherein random alternations between losing strategies produce a winning strategy [..]".
In: Wolf D.M. et al. "Diversity in times of adversity: probabilistic strategies in microbial survival games". J Theor Biol. 2005 May 21; 234(2): 227-53.


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