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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

1831b - enhancers & silencers

N. a direzionare l' archetipo a selce di nomadico arciere /
caoticamente interconnesso al fantasmatico criptico bersaglio /
Nel rosolio d' asceso dessert dell' aeree postconsonantiche resse /
acclini all' illusoriamente meccanico- lineari premesse".

13.33 03/11/2004

- "The key to what makes the two species [humans and chimps] so different [..] lies in where and when those gene [regulatory dna] are active. But not until 2 years ago did experiments begin to bear out this idea".
- "They [enhancers] are small genetic command centers, consisting of stretches of 500 or so bases."
- "[..] a small change in one enhancer's structure [..] pave the way to the different developmental pathways that make each species distinctive".
- "Yet subtle variations [tiny changes] have had a big impact".

In: "Searching for the genome's second code". Science. 2004; 306(5696): 632-635.


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